our roots.


After 3 months of unexplained suffering from a burning gut and an inexplicable burning sensation between his two smallest toes on his left foot (which he thought might have been gout), Keto Butta Founder, Arron Barnes, took to the Internet to self-diagnose his symptoms--a medical resource for those like this U.S. Army veteran who did not have health insurance at the time.

When his three weeks of Internet searching yielded no concrete answers, Arron was confused even more because he didn’t drink much alcohol or eat much meat. 

Thinking it might be a lack of good digestive flora in his gut and a superabundance of Candida (the bad bacteria which we all have inside our bodies), Arron began to treat the Candida-caused fungus that feeds on sugar and bad carbohydrates by changing his diet. 

At this point, serious changes in his diet took place: he restricted sugar and bad carbohydrates. In his words, “Believe me, it wasn’t fun or easy.” Sugar addiction and withdrawal is real. Due to a burning sensation in his hands, he could not consume an American staple, potatoes. The Candida problem also triggered a form of an allergy or auto-immune disease called Celiac Disease. He found that he could not consume wheat, rye, barley, or dairy without painful side effects. 

Discovering this, Arron opted for a ketogenic diet during the next 2 months. As an experiment, he began mixing superfoods such as chia seed, flax seed, hemp seed, and pumpkin seed into almond butter which he flavor enhanced with sea salt and stevia. As he continued to invent new versions of Life Butta, Arron replaced stevia with coconut sugar. He gave samples of his new product to some trusted foodie friends and collected great feedback! Shortly after, Life Butta was created and launched late summer of 2016.  

By summer 2019, Life Butta was in a hand full of stores and generated online sales but Arron didn’t feel as though Life Butta had achieved product market fit just yet.

Questions from potential customers came in. A very small number of consumers asked if the product had sugar. He responded that his products are made with coconut sugar; most customers loved the fact it wasn’t regular sugar. 

Customers asked about CBD and MCT Oil. Although Arron didn’t have any experience with CBD Oil, he did with MCT. Throughout those months of addressing his Candida problem, Arron consumed a lot of coconut oil.  

And that's when he upgraded his almond butter delight with an even better variation!

Continuously innovating in the kitchen, Arron created Keto Butta, which serves a higher purpose than the original Life Butta blend by replacing coconut sugar with MCT Oil. Enhanced with the nutritional power of MCT Oil—which is easily converted by your body into brain-boosting energy without the sugar crash of many products—Keto Butta is compliant not only compliant with the Keto Diet but also provides instant energy. As a viable replacement for coffee and caffeine, Keto Butta gives athletes, parents, professionals, and blue-collar workers nutritional support and a nutritionally excellent energy boost in their busy lives. 

But wait--there's more to this delicious sweetner, MCT Oil!

Medical research indicates that MCT Oil reduces or helps alleviate the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, autism, and ADHD while lessening the risk of heart disease. That’s the reason it’s in your Keto Butta!

To create a lower calorie version of Life Butta, Arron pairs monk fruit sweetener, an all-natural sweetener, with MCT Oil. (MCT Oil is in all the current Keto Butta blends.)